How do I set up my e-mail in Eudora 5.2?

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Step 1. Open Eudora, then click Tools, and then click Options.

Step 2. On the Getting Start category, make the follow changes:

Under Real name, enter your name, as you wish it to appear in your messages From: field.

Under Return address, enter your complete e-mail address.

Under Mail Server (Incoming), enter, replacing with your actual domain name.

Under Login Name, enter your email address, but replace the ampersand character (@) with the underscore character (_).

In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field Websancharindia recommends that you use the outgoing mail server for your ISP (your internet service provider). If you wish to use Websancharindia's outgoing mail server, you can enter:, (replacing with your actual domain name.) However, please note, that there are restrictions when using our outgoing mail server. To read more about these restrictions, please see our related article on SMTP restrictions.

Step 3. On the Checking Mail category, ensure that If Available, STARTTLS is selected for Secure Sockets when Receiving.

Step 4. On the Incoming Mail category, verify the following settings:

Server configuration is set to POP.

Authentication style is set to Passwords.

Step 5. Click OK to finish

Eudora is now configured to receive mail from your domain.


If you elect to use our SMTP server

Mail usernames and passwords exist on the POP server, not the SMTP server. Therefore, before you can use the SMTP server, the POP server must authenticate you first. Authentication is achieved by checking for new mail. In order to use our SMTP server, you will first need to check for mail through our POP server. In other words, you must check for new mail before trying to send mail.


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