How do I view e-mail headers in Outlook 98/2000/2002/XP?

  • Step 1. Highlight the message by single clicking on it. 
  • Step 2. Right-click on the message and select Options.
  • Step 3. At the bottom of the Message Options window, you will find the Internet headers section.
  • Step 4. If you intend to send these to another person for review, you will need to copy the headers and paste them into a forward of the message. Right-click anywhere inside the Internet headers section, and choose Select All.
  • Step 5. Click Close to close the Message Options window.
  • Step 6. Click the Forward button.
  • Step 7. Right-click inside the top portion of the message body, and select Paste.
  • Step 8. Finally, fill in the To field and send your message.

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