What is the difference between POP3 email accounts, email forwarders, and autoresponders?

POP3 email accounts are mailboxes used for your website email and which are checked from the server directly. A person may setup a POP3 account and retrieve their mail using a program like Eudora Mail or Microsoft Outlook. For information on setting up a specific mail client, please see the related articles.

An Email Forwarder/Alias is an email address in which all emails are automatically forwarded to an alternative existing email account. For instance, you may forward all email to user@youdomain.com to user@aol.com.

An Autoresponder is an email address that will automatically reply to someone with a pre-determined response.

For information on setting up a new email account, forward, or auto-responder through your Mochahost Control Panel, please go please see our related articles.

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